no, this is not about beverages or card games

I am Gin from Queensland, Australia.  Decaf tea drinking coffee lover, technology cursing blog and instagram addict, professional in the new role of stay-at-home mum to 4 month old ‘Buddy’, health/medical professional who starts the day with cookies and Milo, lifelong blonde who has just gone brunette, chronic misuser of common sayings like as “give up the goat”, endlessly messy wannabe interior decorator, and very amateur photographer.

I began this blog because I’d had a gutful of the pressure placed on new mums – by society, other mums (and sometimes dads) perpetuating myths, the health profession and the web of conflicting advice out there. I wanted to share realisms from my days as a new mum (because it’s not always peaches and fairy tales) and use my science background to pull apart some of the crap that’s out there to see if it’s worth listening to.  My hope is that others might feel a bit better about how they are going with my blog being out there.  I hope also to encourage other mums to comment and share their experience to shatter the ‘it’s awesome, everything is perfect, I am perfect, my baby is perfect, I’m getting heaps of sleep and he/she feeds perfectly’ competitive tendencies of some.

My journey in the past has been career, career, career in the city, city, city.  At this new fork in my road I am embarking on a journey of discovery, reflection, mindfulness and myth busting, with a bit of photography, interior decorating (note I said decorating not design), mummy/baby fun and frivolity, farm adventures, and online shopping recommendations thrown in for good measure .  Gin and Tonic is my story board. I hope it will help me to both spice things up a bit and be the best person and mum I can be.  I would love it if you came along with me for the ride!

Note – this is a positive blog, dump negative comments elsewhere, but constructive suggestions are welcome.  Also all images are mine unless otherwise specified, feel free to use them but please credit them. Thanks heaps.


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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