glorious winter glow

The more you get to know me the more you’ll be reminded (often) how much I love sunrises and sunsets, almost as much as I enjoy snapping them.  I don’t know what it is about them.  Maybe the unexpected colours when you look out the window, almost like a surprise birthday party.

I know when I’ve got a good one because I look up. Gasp uncontrollably. And start running in a zig zag pattern trying to decide whether to grab my camera or run straight outside to stand, looking up, eyes wide open to take it in before it disappears.  Much like a line dancer moving and shaking to ‘achey breakey heart’.

Big Buddy doesn’t get it. Every time I gasp he shrieks ‘what’s wrong’.  And when I mutter ‘sunset’ and run outside he just shakes his head.

I think their attraction is that they are so glorious, so fleeting, and enjoyable no matter your circumstances – no matter what type of day you’ve had, the life you lead, whether the washing has been done or not, whether you have a job or you don’t, whether your boss is horrible or not, whether you have money or you don’t. It’s a moment when mother nature forces us to stop, breath, take notice and be mindful without even realising we are doing it.

Another day has ended.  We have so few. But the sun will rise again tomorrow. That’s why I like them.


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