the good old days

Sometimes I wish I grew up in the 1970’s.  When red frogs cost 2 cents each.  When there was a ‘cents’ button on keyboards – I only just realised we don’t have one anymore, did we ever?  I’m sure we did! When soft serve was the main ice cream flavour. Mostly though, it’s the simplicity of childhood that I imagine fondly. Minimal homework. Toys hand knitted or carved lovingly by a parent short on time but full of love. Short school days. Running under the hose in summer. Milk delivered to your door. Missing school to help the folks on the farm. Buses with no air conditioning and the doors left open. And walking home down a long dirt road to be met by a dusty kelpie and a bunch of chores.

Unfortunately I can’t knit (yet – that’s on my to-do list along with crochet, follow along at white cottage corner) or sew patchwork or carve wood – also both on my to-do list. So for a while now I’ve been scouring shops to find wooden toys for Buddy.  Harder to come by than you would think.

Finally, not only did I find some top quality wooden toys from Anamalz. But they are animals – yay! And they contribute to wildlife sustainability – double yay!  I love them so much I got two of each . . . for cousins and friends I suppose.  I also found Paisley Pets by Ocho which has a great story behind it helping underprivileged women and girls in Thailand and Cambodia. Of course, I availed myself of Mooey.

So, I’m going to start a list ‘old world toys and other stuff for kids that don’t hurt the environment and which make you feel like you’ve gone back in time’, or something like that.  I’ll let you know once I collect a few.

I’d like some wooden trucks and blocks and more animals – any recommendations for me?


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