shea status

A while back I said I would report back on the status of the shea products I bought online. A pretty successful haul I must say.

The almond and brazil nut hand cream smells lovely and makes me feel I have morphed into something more earthly and grounded.  It provides instant moisture, but is only light so doesn’t last as long as some thicker creams. But I’ll be going back for more.  I use it every morning and evening to set the earthy mood for my day.

In complete contrast, the shea and sesame cream is a weird mouse like substance in a delicious little pot (much smaller than it looks in the pictures) that does the job of right-on moisturising well.  A very faint scent.  I’ll be going back for more on this one too. Good for winter feet.

The shea beautifying oil is only light, didn’t do much for my hair (but I put it on dry – will try putting it on wet soon). But my god the scent!  They should bottle that stuff – oh wait . . . It’s nice under moisturiser or straight on really dry skin.  And it doesn’t stick around in a bad way – I was picturing my self sliding every which way if I leaned on anything or juggling a slippery phone at a single touch – it’s nothing like normal oils.

The best (in my opinion) for last is the body mist.  Knocks those expensive perfumes on the head I reckon.  I spray it above my head and then let it fall over me just before I’m about to walk out the door.  Quaint but noticeable, it made me feel like earth chick for sure.  I was going to say it made me feel like a truffle, but that’s just too cliché.

So there you have it.

(by the way – not a sponsored post, just my excited opinion as I’ve been searching for products that make me feel earthy for ages)


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