capture the son 1/52 – photo challenge

I saw somewhere (I don’t remember where) this idea of challenging your photographic comfort zones by accepting challenges.  One of them was to capture ones children and how you feel about them.  So without further ado I commence my ‘Capture the Son’ series.  A weekly photo of my wonderful Buddy and our precious interactions.

Hope it doesn’t sound like I’m one of those ‘oh motherhood is bliss and everything is perfect and I am perfect and being a mother is all I’m meant to do’ people.  Because it’s not and I’m not!

Let ‘Capture the Son’ begin . . .

Buddy was sitting on my lap while we were overlooking the farm and taking in the sunset and we were having a little sing song.  I know – “puke it sounds so perfect”. But it really was a special moment, he loves our sing songs and giggles along.  Not sure if he’s laughing at my singing voice, but his smiles when I sing to him are mesmerising.  And I have a thing about his little feet.  Love his little baked bean toes!


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