capture the son 10/52 – photo challenge

Buddy doing the grocery shop. Good boy for getting your mum flowers!

buddy week 10 photo challenge

He’s got such an exuberant personality. And a loving gentle nature. He’s also a bit of thinker and likes to just sit with a toy sometimes and figure it out . . . or suck on it.

He says mum mum mum mum heaps and knows it’s me. He gives the most glorious neck nuzzle cuddles.

He’s not a big fan of sleep but he tries his best most of the time.

He chews everything (part for taste and part for teeth) and crawls with speed. He’s on two feet lots including with no hands for a millisecond and between furniture.

His favourite food is everything. But he always has more room for yoghurt.

He gets a story every night and so far the one that he pays most attention to is the polky little puppy.

His favourite time of day is first thing in the morning and in the afternoon when we sit by our veggie patch and he removes all the mulch piece by piece and I put it all back in, it’s a fun game.


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