lovely lavender

There is something about lavender.  Yes, the plant makes me feel like I’m living in a far away cottage in Wales or the English country side, on a cliff overlooking the harsh but stunning ocean, living off what I can catch and cook on my wood stove which I stoke hourly with the wood I brave the blistering chill to collect. As opposed to the reality of poppin off to the shops in my Honda to grab some overpriced wood in a bag that wouldn’t fit everything I carry in my handbag and some cookies that will sustain me for today at least.  Sorry – I digress.

From a decorating perspective, I think it adds a touch of femininity without being overbearing.  Also, in an instant, a burst of lavender can make a room feel like it’s about to be graced with home made scones and jam without you having to do a damn thing.  Plus, it seems to go with everything!

Here are some lavender things I found and like.  Hope you like them too.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight  & Nine (arrrgh, I lost the link, I’ll keep looking and update as soon as I find it).

My favourite colour combination is lavender and eucalyptus.  Check this out.

The lavender flower is also hardy to chuck in a vase and it brightens any room. Bring on spring!

So what do you think?  Any other good lavender colour matches?


3 responses to “lovely lavender

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Kat. Lavender is calming you’re right, almost as much as duck egg blue – tough choice. The combo with mustard would be awesome, or even a rich lavender, bordering on purple? Yes, that would go nicely in my library thank you very much! Blogtoberfest should be good, albeit a bit daunting (I’m purposefully not using the word ‘failure’ in my mind if I miss a day but rather seeing the whole thing as an opportunity to grow). I follow your blog and find it gives me a lot of inspiration – more than just the lovely pics and pretty theme but the writing. Keep it up! Ginny.

  1. Yummy! I adore lavender, it’s such a calming colour, don’t you think?
    Love the purple and green combo.
    So glad you’re joining us for Blogtoberfest12.
    Kat xx

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