toast with the most



I am not a good cook.  Hell, I’m not even a cook.  I eat food from packets or that comes off a tree. Or that my pretty damn good partner Big Buddy cooks every night. But I accidentally (you’ll see why shortly) came across this little gem that turns normal boring old toast into whiz bang deliciously golden and melt in your mouth toast.

Here goes . . .

Get ready to make toast as you normally would.  Butter the bread as though you are making a sandwich, but with the thinnest of thin layer of marg or butter.  When you think you’ve scraped enough off the bread, scrape some more off.

See how much I took off.

And second time round I took off even more.  Here’s an idea – pretend you forgot you were making toast and buttered the bread ‘accidentally’ and you are trying to rectify your mistake.  It may help if you pretend you’re in the jammies you were wearing yesterday, you have a 2 month old baby who is waking every two hours overnight and doesn’t sleep more than a half hour during the day, and you’re a former coffee addict surviving on decaf tea.

Put it in the toaster for a couple of minutes.  Smell the golden glow.


Add something delicious.  Try cutting a clove of garlic in half and rubbing the exposed part over the toast. You can butter it again like normal too if you’re feeling glutinous.


Yum. Yum.

And there you have it.  Toastest with the mostest.

You can see how, in my new mum sleep deprived state I may have accidentally come up with this method.  That may have been the same day I added detergent instead of milk to my tea.  Nevertheless, out of risk comes innovation!

Now, I’m not endorsing this as a safe cooking practice.  And I accept no responsibility for any injury or damages caused by anyone who deliberately or accidentally tries this at home.  But how easy was that! Sure, you could achieve the same effect with a grill or a something-er-other.  But who has the forethought to think that far ahead.  Genius right!

NB. One may want to clean ones toaster a tad more frequently than one normally would if one chooses to give this a crack.  Please also, no messages about the cobwebs on my toaster.  It’s not my fault the spiders leave evidence.





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