capture the son 7/52 – photo challenge

We were watching the herd after feeding them.  Sitting on the green grass. A gentle warm spring breeze brushing our cheeks.  His dog sitting with us – resting her soft chin lovingly on my leg – watching her sure to be best mate. Just my boy and me and the dog.

I started fiddling with the grass.  It reminded me of primary school assembly – sitting in the blazing Australian sun – fiddling with the ground or the grass to distract myself from a teacher speaking to us about something we’d done wrong or something we had to do better. I remembered how much of my young life was doing what I was told.

He started exploring the grass too. Trying to grab a blade at a time. Then deciding it was much more fun to rip out clumps to smoosh in his little hands. So pleased with himself.  So happy. I really hope he has a happy life. So much of it is out my control. We sat in silence. I didn’t comment or encourage or discourage or applaud.  Just let him be.  I realised that is the best I can do.



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