ten tantilising turquoise things

When I was young I hated colour.  Had my mother let me, I would’ve been dressed in black head to toe. Older and wiser, I now realise that no matter how black it is, no material is going to make me look like I’m a size 6 – ever.  And I don’t want to now.

A colour like turquoise excites my senses. I can appreciate its easy ability to add a bohemian elegance to any room or outfit.

I would like to have turquoise shoes and mittens and underpants please.  I’d also like turquoise cushions and reading chairs and lamps.  Plus turquoise oven mits and cross over body-bags and quilts.  Ooooh imagine a turquoise patchwork quilt – luxurious. See, I even like typing the word t.u.r.q.u.o.i.s.e.

Here are ten goodies I’ve found.

A blog dedicated solely to turquoise – yay!

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine (gaargh I lost it – I’ll update it when I find it – similar here) and Ten.

I feel so calm having compiled that list.  It’s my new go to colour.

What do you think of turquoise?  To bright?  Is it over?


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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