what to feed a baby learning to chew?

Would you eat this? Buddy did. Bless him. He cringed all the way through it, but he had some.

It’s tuna, mashed pea, parsley and milk. My first attempt at getting creative at meal time. Eeer, yum?

I’m trying so hard to give Buddy wholesome food that doesn’t come from a packet. Rafferty’s are great, but I don’t want to rely on them for every meal.

So I bought this book.

I bought it because it was fat and the title was exactly what I’m trying to achieve. It’s not bad but jeezlouise it’s a hard read! I just want to know how to whizz up my own wholesome basics so that I can draw on bits and pieces to make a variety of meals. I don’t want to know how to make my own whey and the pros and cons of dripping. And do I really need to soak all grains and rices and stuff overnight? It’s a good book and thoroughly informative on the topic, but not a ‘quick I need to shove something into this kids gullet where’s my book’ type of book.

So I bought this book.

I bought it because the cover was so cool. And it’s pretty good. Lots of great recipes for when babies are chewing and you don’t want to have to cook a meal for baby and a meal for parents.

I do need to sit down in my spare hour (hahahaha, right?) a day and read them more thoroughly. But nothing yet on doing up the basics in a whizzer and what to slap together at a moments notice.

So I’ll keep trying and post any successes here.

But any book recommendations or just advice on the basics for a baby that is learning to chew are very welcome.


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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