colour – #fmsphotoaday

Anyone that knows me well is laughing so hard they’ve burst a seam or had to run to the bathroom at the thought that I picked pink.  Let alone hot pink.  I can be a tom-boy at times, but I do like my fashion and decor and frou frou (great band by the way – check out my favourite song ever ‘Let Go’.  I really hope they get back together) and jewellery and eyeliner and oxblood handbags and . . . nuff said.

But I am not, never will be, a hot pink appreciater.

So I surprised myself when I found I was totally absorbed by these flowers.  I think I took 100 photos. They are $4.50, chrysanthemums, from Woolworth’s that I bought to try to brighten my day, which I’ve done one other time in my life. And that didn’t end well because I had hoped Big Buddy might see the self purchased flowers as a subliminal message to do more random acts of pampering – never happened. Quite the opposite in fact. Brilliant piece of girl strategy right there. I’m guessing the male mind was thinking ‘oh awesome, she’s bought herself flowers, I don’t need to do it anymore’.  Fair enough I suppose, it’s efficient at least. Anyway, I digress.

They were the cheapest there and the ones that looked least like algae pulled from a cattle trough. The most underestimated, prejudged and battered and bruised, common and cheap as chips flowers. And look how beautiful they turned out.  And they did brighten my day, my week actually.  Goes to show, the things you could miss if you judge. Cripes I ramble don’t I.  Here is the series.


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