television – #fmsphotoaday

I’m still running a bit behind on #fmsphotoaday but I’m on it today. I’m an energizer-bunny with the camera.

I loved taking the ‘TV’ snaps.  Mainly because I don’t watch anything other than ABC news, 24/7.  Seriously. It’s an addiction.  I have to know what’s going on in the world.  It gives me perspective. Sometimes, I listen to the radio instead.  But I cannot watch free to air TV. It’s the ads, there are just so many and they are for the most part STUPID!  The shows are mostly a waste of my brain space too.

I wasn’t always that way, I used to line up my week around Survivor, Big Brother, Race Around the World, Farmer Wants a Wife, SITC, SYTYCD . . . I could go on. But I hit my mid 20’s and woke up one day and I couldn’t watch them anymore. They were the same, over and over again. So I stopped.

I tried the commercial news channels. But starting my day with ridiculous banter that played to common stereotypes that women are ditsy-airheads and men who make offensive jokes are awesome (yes I’m taking about the Today Show) was making me gag every morning. And I hate gagging.  So I tried ABC news breakfast, and I’ve left it on ever since.  I just leave it on ABC throughout the day.  No mindless, offensive banter, good journalism, and hosts who actually have some general knowledge of the world, economics and being articulate (as I am being right now – NOT!).

Anyway, to the photos:


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