five favourite e-shopping spots

I do all my christmas shopping online.  Yes boring I know.  But the excitement of collecting a parcel everyday from my little country post office is too much for me to overlook. Treading the boards of the 100-odd year old post office in anticipation that my local postie could either shake his head in sincere disappointment that I’ve missed out on this day or excitedly accept my parcel notice and bound out the back to get it for me equally keen to share in my joy.  Prrrft.

Whose postie is more like this?

Online shopping means I can avoid the blood sport of elbow-wrestling that goes on in my closest mall in the eight weeks before Christmas.  It’s the nappiest of nappy valleys so the injury list can be extensive – I often come away with toe, bum and ankle bruises inflicted by a stroller.  Sure, it’s my own stroller.  But I’ve seen others suffer at the hands of other mums, arms full of plastic something-er-others that will be cast aside for the wrapping paper on Christmas day, pushing with one hand, while balancing the Playgrow range on the other. It’s not their fault Target places a stack of ice cream makers in the middle of the aisle – aren’t aisles for strolling?

Anyway, as anxiety engulfs me at the mere thought of hitting the shops I wanted to mention that I have developed this online shopping thing down to a fine art and here is the first of my top five favourite sites.  And I couldn’t avoid doing some window shopping damage to assist you.

Other favourites will follow toot-sweet.


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