Good Will Hunting made me go insane

My best friend and I have been friends for over a decade now. We went to university together.  And our meeting was one of those sliding door moments.  I sat down next to her in a lecture because she was the only one that didn’t look hung over. I said hello and “don’t I know you from netball?”. She said “no”. I don’t think she was looking to make new friends that day because we had umpired together the night before.  Did I mention I was wearing overalls and a baseball cap backwards? Anyway I kept talking and she was too polite to move, and the rest is history. I’d link you to her because she’s awesomely crafty (in a sewing couch covers type of way not a shake her hand and your watch is missing type of way) but she a technology sceptic – she only just got herself a mobile.

I think the reason we get on so well is because we make each other laugh every time we meet up.

She came to visit and meet Buddy recently. While she was here she was making some bunting for a party, so we sat together late into the night cutting out letters and gluing and chatting. But who knew those strings of triangles had a name, let alone bunting! Not this little black duck. I kept calling them ‘banter’ or ‘butnut’ or ‘bitsnbobs’. Sometimes I’d remember they were bunting and would make something up just to see her become irate – she likes grammar to be right, that’s why we get along.

Today when talking to her I regaled how Buddy was finding and eating little bits of “bunter” everywhere. And she went nuts ‘for the last time Ginny it’s BUNTING’, funny stuff. So I told her I just have to remember it rhymes with ‘hunting’. She told me just to remember Good Will Hunting, because in uni we were taught to make up rhymes to remember something, and then acronyms to remember the rhymes.  Two things to remember the thing the actually went there to learn, that’s money we’ll spent right there.

So I decided to use the rhyme ‘good will hunting, pretty pretty bunting’ to always remember. Now I cant get the friggin ditty out of my head. I am walking around the house singing ‘good will hunting, pretty pretty bunting’, except it’s not in a “doe, a deer, a female deer” type of way.  More a psychopathic, her mind has snapped, she eats brains and she’s coming to get you – type of way.

And you know how we make each other laugh, well I’m talking uncontrollable, holding belly “stop you’ll make me pee my pants” type of laughing, at least once every conversation. So now, each time I sing to myself ”good will hunting, pretty pretty bunting” while walking around the house, I think of myself telling her this story and can’t help but utter an evil little back of throat cackle.

So you’ve got me, an unshowered unkempt saggy baggy mother, still in her pj’s, disheveled hair coz its a Saturday and raining and I don’t wanna brush it, limping like a hunchback because a calf kicked me and I fell on my arse, loping round the house humming ”good will hunting, pretty pretty bunting, cackle cackle cackle”, “good will hunting, pretty pretty bunting, cackle cackle cackle”.

I think buddy is scared.

Well, I’ve sufficiently shared too much information. Here, have a scary insane hunch back cat. It made me laugh. Also, I believe when your dog needs this you may need to check you’ve got all your marbles. Says the unkempt, hunchback, limping, psychotic humming woman.


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