reflection – #fmsphotoaday

This is the dam. The tree there is normally completely under water. The ducks normally raise a family there. And the wrens and finches normally gather in the trees around the fringes and drink from the dam.

I reflected on how two years ago we were suffering horrendous rain, ending with a mammoth, deadly and historic flood. People are still fixing their homes in some places.

This year, the water is almost dried up, the ducks have gone, the wrens and finches are few. And we are by far not the worst off.

I reflected on how there is so much more to life than traffic, appointments, deadlines, meetings, envy, grudges, fights, being right, fear, keeping to ourselves. I reflected on how many people have gone before us. How many people and animals have stood on this parcel of land from which I take this photo. How many people those jacaranda trees have seen come and go. And how many will go after me. I reflected on how Buddy is my sunshine, but he is just one boy, in a very small world. I reflected on how much I hope he never feels pain. Then I reflected on how ridiculous that is and how necessary pain is to build strength, and tolerance, compassion and identity. I noticed the earth, breeze and sky and allowed myself to reflect on the future, just for a moment. On reflection, I wouldn’t have done anything different. On reflection, I am privileged in so many ways. On reflection, I can only get living because it’s fleeting. On reflection, I hope one day someone else lies on the grass where I did and does the same.


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