road trippin to eumundi

Buddy and I were sent packing. Yep, true. Big Buddy finally cracked it. He’d had one too many wise cracks about his bed hair. Nah, truth is we were getting air conditioning installed and faced with the prospect of a baby that hadn’t slept all day and a mother with a baby that hadn’t slept all day, he sent us packing. So we took a road trip to Eumundi.

It’s just up the road really, but I’d never been before. Apparently it’s got killer markets on a Wednesday and a Saturday – which I missed.  But it’s still a quaint little town, not too far from Noosa Heads. If you’re not paying attention you’ll drive right through it without noticing though. It’s got a little pub and a couple of bespoke shops.  An awesome book/gift shop, lots of funny (in an ‘oh that’s an odd choice for a little country town’ way) flavoured food restaurants, an organic butcher, a park, a hemp hut/christmas shop (yes you read that correctly), and a fancy chocolate shop.

Buddy was ready. Optimal stroller position – check. Half chewed rusk – check. Quizzical look and lopsided grin to charm strangers – check.

Eumundi’s central park. Lots of room and facilities.

BerkelouW Books was awesome.  Chock full of unusual gifts and brands I’d never seen (like apple&bee), obviously lots of local bespoke crafters too. Then out the back are rows and rows of old books. I could’ve spent hours in there but for the potential that Buddy might chew on half the stock without me noticing.

This shop was empty and would’ve made a stunning homewares store.  Spiral staircase, polished floor boards, bifold doors, all white decor, tin pressed ceiling.There’s a lot of history is this town I think. I love the Country Womens Association – I think it’s the camaraderie and the idea that in the most rough and remote and desolate places in Australia, they are there, offering community and connection.

This is the hemp hut . . . with a bonanza of christmas decorations out the back.This Jerusalem tree caught my eye.

Oople and Pearls for Girls were a couple of cute shops.

The pub owner obviously has a sense of humour.And the fancy chocolate shop where the owner has been making chocolate for 30 odd years and you can book in for classes. Pretty expensive, but fun just to try one or two handmade lovelies.

So that’s Eumundi.  I’d go back for the markets.  Good for a morning stop over to somewhere else, but it’s not a morning in itself. Then, because the electrician had only just arrived at home, we went onto Montville (my favourite place in Queensland) and Maleny (a close second). I’d heard about Maleny Diaries from Rhonda Jean and I’m going to set up a Cow Cam for our farm just like they have, I think it’s a great idea. Half because they were on the way home and half because I wanted to appear on Cow Cam I stopped by.  There was a school group taking a tour which made things a bit chaotic. But the teaches were suitably impressed by Buddy’s cuteness so I let the chaos go.

You can buy their products to taste – milk, yoghurt, cheeses etc. And meet Milly the cow and take tours – ring ahead to find out tour times.  That’s about it.  Buddy has seen cows so he was not overly impressed by Milly. But it was a nice stop to stop and take in the view.

My favourite past time is to photograph old Australia – machinery, sheds, run down houses, old establishments, out houses. Just old Australia.  Maybe that’s why my favourite painting is the Pioneer and why I’m fascinated by Ned Kelly. Maybe it’s weird but I also love looking at old wedding photographs – even if I don’t know the people.  There’s a history in each photo – a story in their eyes I wonder about. Oops, I digress.

The chocolate goodies I bought at Eumundi taking in the view.The lovely Milly of Melany Diaries.Buddy had quite enough of me photographing him.

Oh yeah and we stopped at the Big Pineapple.

What amazed me was how many places filled with potential wholesome fun there are along the Bruce Highway.  Strawberry picking, a big fun park with a rides (a red back spider ride – in a fun way), the Ginger Factory, and heaps more.  Good old fashioned wholesome road tripping fun. We’ll be going again.

I had mixed feelings about the air conditioning – my motherlyness and wish (no, my need) for Buddy to sleep well, versus my need to live sustainably. I have reconciled it by knowing it is there for the next 45 degree and 90 percent humidity week we have, but otherwise it’s just a box on the wall. And I will be working in other ways on the farm  to give back to the earth as often as I can.


2 responses to “road trippin to eumundi

  1. Wow, what a great day!
    Other than keeping cool, how have you been since Blogtoberfest, Gin?
    I just wanted to let you know that I’m hosting another (albeit gentler and more introspective) blog challenge over the month of December called #reverb12.

    Would be so rapt if you joined us!

    There’s a little giveaway too. :-)

    Details here:

    Take care
Kat xxx

    • Hi Kat, I’ve been great thanks, blogtoberfest really motivated me and I am so enjoying blogging. There are so many lovely and like minded people out there. Hope you have been good too. Looks like you’ve been a busy bee developing #reverb12 – how do you think these things up?! It looks awesome, reflection is my middle name at present so I am really excited to join in! Gin xo

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