my day today – idiot canine

My day so far is that this crazy canine

dug this large hole which, up until a few moments ago, contained a plant,

so that she could bury this disgusting toy in it.Only to retrieve it when she knew she was getting her photo taken. Can’t have people knowing where its buried! Because the piece of red rope sticking out from the dirt wouldn’t have been noticeable.

Then she got happy feet and ran around the house a few dozen times. If you’re not familiar with ‘happy feet’ you’re missing out.  Check it out here:

Genius right?

Anyway, then idiot dog discovered a dead goanna under the house and started barking at it (dead goanna photo omitted as a courtesy).

And while I was attempting to convince idiot canine that dead goanna was not in a position to play tag, Buddy discovered this other disgusting toy belonging to idiot canine.  In case you can’t tell, it used to be a sweet little bunny. Stolen from Buddy when she was a puppy and he was too little to care.And after I had ripped disgusting former bunny from Buddy’s hands, he crawled straight over to disgusting-er sock belonging to idiot canine. Which I managed to knab just before it hit his mouth.

Oh yeah and before all this unfolded, Buddy took pleasure distributing all clean laundry over the loungeroom floor while I was making breakfast. Which I let him do as it’s easier on the ears than teething whingeing.

Then I discovered this little treasure growing in our pond. Ahhh, breeeeeathe.Now I’m wondering how I shgould tag this post . . . idiot dog perhaps?


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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