wood toy overload

I wonder if that title will be confused much? Anyhow, I thought I’d try out this Mumgo thing I’d heard about. They claim to be the place mum’s shop.  I’m a mum. And I sure can shop. What could possibly go wrong.

GIANT mistake.

They are a shopping site, clearly, that you have to register for – a secret club if you will. But the deal is this. They change their items for sale every week and you can sign up for a newsletter to be notified of what’s on sale this week. They offer huge savings off the RRP but only have a limited number of each item. So, to the detriment of those highly competitive people among us, it’s first in best dressed! Did you just get an adrenalin rush? I did. It’s like boxing day sales but no elbowing or queing or tripping (I exaggerate, I’ve never knowingly elbowed or tripped anyone but myself) or being tripped or survival of the fittest in the linen section.

Worse still.  They have these signs on each item that keep notifying you of their status. How could I possibly ignore “Going Going . . . ” when I was seeing heaps of “Gone”s. Those sneaky mumgo’s have cracked the formula. Team a secret club, with cool stuff that you don’t see elsewhere, and cheap prices and I had no hope.

Given my love of old school toys I got Buddy these . . .

And because they weren’t enough wood block-iness for me, I bought 100 more.And who among us didn’t wish for an abacus when we were an infant. OK, for this one I’ll concede I may not have been in my right mind.I chose this seat because it had a lion on it. We love lions in this household.  Right where that elephant is, it was there in the picture. I assure you. It was there. Must’ve escaped in transit.And this chook is just for me. It came with a friend but someone at Mumgo unfamiliar with how much Australia Post workers hate poultry deemed one layer of loosley packed bubble wrap sufficient. So now I have a chook as my table centrepiece.I could’ve overlooked the cracked chook if it hadn’t taken them a month to get it all to me.

So, one cracked chook, on overbundance of coloured pieces of wood, a hidden lion and a delivery period in which I could’ve travelled the world to collect the pieces myself. But I’d still go back. It’s the chase. Some advice though, only click “buy” if it is something you will really use.


2 responses to “wood toy overload

  1. I would go back to them – a missing lion is unfortunate (especially as that was why you bought it) – but a badly packed chicken is definitly not good. If you mention both – you might get something as apology…another 100 wooden blocks perhaps?!

    • ha ha! or maybe a wooden chicken? you are right though, I always avoid those sorts of things, but it’s not good. I’ll give it a crack, what’s the worst that could happen.

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