the physics of swapping food for a 12kg child

I had a bright idea that Buddy and I would go to the shops to start Christmas shopping yesterday. I thought that his teething and newly found skills of not having to go to sleep when I say so and having tantrums (I’m talking stomping tantrums – no mean feat given he can’t walk – yes that’s right, sitting down stomping tantrums) would be overcome by shops and lights and big men wearing red suits. That’s logical right?

Rookie mistake. And joyfully, Buddy also hit the stage, in a split second, where he realised that once put in the stroller it’s really only two flimsy little straps holding him down. Equally joyfully it was while I was in the supermarket. Arms laden. Meant to be getting him healthy food. Even better, I was joined by about five other mothers with blissfully calm and angelic babies in trolleys happily cooeing at oranges and pomegranates and their mothers.

I don’t need to explain the physics of swapping food stuffs and a 12kg child from my arms to a stroller. Oh and did I mention I was also carrying a large soda maker machine (a christmas gift) which I was managing quite well until mid Buddy tantrum. Thankfully my years of netball training enabled me to catch it after Buddy kicked it off the stroller 10cm before it hit the floor, which is important because it contains a CO2 gas cylinder. I don’t know: do gas cylinders break, can they rupture and explode, what if it pops and forces the evacuation of the mall? All these thoughts running through my head as I dive to take a catch of the expensive soda maker. And after saving it and under the impression that it’s inbuilt strap would be useful, I set about swapping food stuffs and a 12kg child from my arms to a stroller. Until the strap snapped and I was fighting the laws of gravity again.

BEFORE: super excited to start my first Christmas shopping season with Buddy in toe.Wondering which shops we shall hit first. Not picking nose as it may appear at first glance.AFTER: lying motionless on the floor wondering what just happened.

The soda maker and Buddy made it, is all you need to know.

So after I picked up the grapes, zucchini and blueberries I’d elegantly scattered all over the floor and put them in the stroller I continued my trek around the supermarket with the lovely Buddy on my hip wrenching my hair out of my skull (I didn’t need that bit at the back, I don’t look at the back of my head anyway).

On the bright side, I survived my first mid supermarket child tantrum. Yay for me.

But in order to recover, I took myself out for a nature walk when Buddy had gone to bed. It’s so soothing to take time to notice things I wouldn’t normally. Looking at things in a different way. I think that’s why I enjoyed photographing the weeds around the place. They can be so pretty. While capturing them I was contemplating this thought:

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Many farmers would disagree I’m sure. But it’s not really about the weeds is it.

Here’s my nature walk.

These are weeds. I don’t know what sort.  But they make me feel like I’m in an English country garden, rugged up in scarves and boots, trying to dig the frozen earth. I kid you not, as I was watching them, fairy wrens were dancing and chatting around me.More weeds from a different perspective.This photo evokes so much joy and reflection in me. I think I’ll print it and hang it. It sort of epitomises our life here. Rugged and old but splendid, open and calm.

Of course the idiot dog and Buddy had a chat only they can understand. I think it would’ve gone something like this.‘What’s so funny?’‘Do you want to get that child?’‘Can I have what’s in your hands?’‘No’. ‘But can I have what’s in your mouth?’

Then I went back to my nature walk.And noticed more weeds.And breathed in the sunset.And admired the spring colours.And discovered more weeds – I used to call these spider plants for obvious reasons. I like to capture paths leading somewhere.And as I arrived home found this flourish of colour.

Ahhhhh, all recovered. Until my next supermarket meltdown. And Buddy’s too if he has another one.

Tell me kids grow out of supermarket tantrums.

What does nature mean to you?


4 responses to “the physics of swapping food for a 12kg child

  1. You are a brave woman. But just looking at those photos was very calming indeed…
    SQUEEE!So excited you’ve signed up for #reverb12!
    See you tomoz.
    Kat x

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  3. Beautiful pictures! Loving your hilarious, eloquent description of your shopping (mis)adventure, yet I feel for you because I know what you’re talking about! I want to reassure you that the tantrums do come to an end, but as my current toddler is so very different from my eldest I’m not seeing the promise of that! Xoxo

    • Thanks so much Christina for stopping by and your lovely comments. A MISadventure is a great way of putting it, I’ll remember that the next time it happens to give myself a chuckle. Pleased to hear the tantrums come to an end. Isn’t it wonderfully amazing how different two siblings can be!

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