#reverb12 – two december

Gooooo reverb12. Day 2 prompt is:

two december

A $50 deposit on a day care place for next year. Seems simple enough right? I’m still not sure it’s right for us. It’s like a poorly fitting bra at the moment. But it was a massive outlay. A 5 minute stop off to pay the deposit had me questioning everything except the laws of gravity.

It really made me stop and ask myself what kind of parent I want to be. And what sort of upbringing I hope to guide Buddy along and whether or not daycare is right for Buddy. And is it right for me.

That whole ‘I know it’s good for the kids, but it’s so expensive, and kids always get sick at day care, and can a day care provider really give him the care and lessons he needs better than me, but he will have fun in the end, and it’s a great start to his learning, but will he be ok, and can I leave him, and will he ever forgive me for leaving him with someone else for a day, and what if the other kids are mean to him, and . . . ‘ conversation was too much for me to handle. So I just paid the deposit, holding my breath as I signed, and I’ll deal with that dilemma a bit later.

Actually it’s more like walking around all day with a pebble in your shoe. But it has helped me start to piece together the puzzle of what sort of mother I’d like to be.

I’d say an expenditure that had me questioning almost everything was the most significant for me for this year.

Any tips on navigating this right of passage for modern mums?


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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