#reverb12 – three december

Hello to reverb12 day three. Talk about the hardest prompt ever!

three december

One thing! Really? Alright then, cripes, ummm. I would take my little boy travelling. Even if he was still very little. I’d strap him into the baby bjorn and I’d take him to see all of Tasmania first and then the world. Here’s some places I’d take him, in no particular order . . .

Alaska Northern Lights.
Cradle Mountain Tasmania.SOURCE: http://www.gelstonfamily.com/2011/11/cradle-mountain-getaway.html

Denmark Copenhagen.
Yep, I lost another link. I’ll get better I promise.

Gaaargh! Lost another link!

Russia. Gaaargh! Lost another link!

Sweden.Lost the link - sorry!

Lost the link – sorry!

Can't remember where I got photo from - but it's not mine.

Germany. Can’t remember where I got photo from – but it’s not mine.

Then I’d come back home and stare at him for the remainder of the year. Memorising his face. And hoping he was memorising mine.


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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