someone I love ~ #fmsphotoaday

seven december heading

Well that’s easy.

Because I stare at him so often, for so long (in a loving way not a creepy competitive way), sometimes I like to seek out different perspectives on my little wonderous Buddy. Especially when he’s not looking. It’s how I help myself stay mindful. By noticing things that would normally pass me by if I was caught up in my minds’ “to do” chatter.

Here’s some from our daily garden exploration

The ‘George Costanza’ haircut.loove

Strong legs.  All the better to kick like a frog with in the pool.loooove

A generous padded bottom. All the better to fall on for fun as he cruises around furniture.looove

And toes. Glorious little baked bean toes. Bad mum for not cutting toenails straight . . .



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