#reverb12 – seven december

Reverb12 is flying by.

seven december

I will take openness.

I will take mindfulness.

I will take love. For others and for self.

I will take happy memories of a mammoth year.

I will take stories of a difficult year but one I would never ever wish away. It’s important to take them with me, they are part of me, but they need not become me.

I will take my ample arse for a walk everyday. That’s a joke, I couldn’t care less if my arse is ample. I just want my favourite clothes to fit again.

I will take ambition, effort, risk taking, self belief, innovation and trying new things.

I will take calm. Always. Especially in the face of challenge.

I will take breath and the earth as a source of serenity.

I will take music.

I will take me. The me right now, writing this.


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