roast veg for little people

What am I doing? Kind of you to ask. I am roasting some veg to freeze for the little ones meals.

It is so handy to have cubed, or stick or grated veg to throw in with packet mixes to make them more interesting. And to make me feel like I’m not raising a microwave meal kid. You can also serve them on their own as finger food, or with pasta or rice or tuna. Anything really that you want to jazz up a bit.

Can’t believe I just said I am aiming to jazz something up. Hello mums influence.

Anyhow, choose your veg. I used sweet potato, broccoli, zucchini and pumpkin. You could use anything, squash, potato, turnip, celery (stringy bits removed). Cube them, slice them, or grate them depending on what stage your baby is at.

lets get cubedDistract child with pots and pans. Or an onion is always fun as it doesn’t roll evenly. Or a slice of sweet potato to chew on.

Watch child try to figure out how to manoeuvre self to extract slice of sweet potato which he is now sitting on. Laugh a lot!

distracted yummy wooden spoon

Watch child scare self to tears by banging on tins and making a loud noise. Laugh and cuddle and laugh.busy

Return to chopping. Add a dash of oil, wiggle the pieces around a bit so they are all covered. Add some thyme, or rosemary, or oregano or all of the are some I prepared pre chips ummm chipsBake for 20-30 minutes in preheated 180C (fan forced) oven. Turning after 10 minutes. Don’t over cook so they are tough. Just cook them to the chewing stage your baby is at.

three by three four by four

Then separate some for tonight’s meal and freeze the remainder.

So easy! Even I can do it. If I can everyone else can.


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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