outdoor ~ #fmsphotoaday

It’s an uncanny coincidence that today’s fmsphotoaday theme is about the outdoors, since that’s where I spent most of today.

Visiting siblings, cousins and nephews, letting family squeeze and cuddle Buddy as much as they want. Chatting with my young cousins about their hopes and dreams under the poinciana tree while they played gently and patiently and excitedly with Buddy. My hope is that Buddy grows up with an extended family that he knows loves him no matter what and who has seen him grow. I must admit I pulled out the “I knew you when you were this  tiny” line that most aunties do with teenagers and which I swore I would never say.  I hope one day Buddy has a tonne of people saying that to him. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I know what this means now and I think there is some merit to it.

Back to the great outdoors.

fifteen december outdoor one outdoor three outdoor two outdoor four


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