your monday moose

If there’s one thing you know about me it’s that I like photographing sunsets. And leaves and water and Buddy. Ok of pretty much everything. You also know I like coffee way too much, especially since I switched to decaf tea. What’s this got to do with this post? Absolutely nothing, but I needed an introductory sentence. I couldn’t just start off with ‘hey how you going, I love moose-es’.

I don’t think I’ve shared with you my embarrassing little secret. That I am obsessed with moose(es). Is the plural of moose moose? Or is it mooses. Or hyphenated moose-es. Perhaps meese? I dunno. Anyway, it’s embarrassing because I’ve never seen one. I don’t live in Canada or Alaska (I just wish I did). You can’t cuddle meese (unless they are tranquilized I’m guessing). They don’t curl up on your bed of a night time and warm your toes. I live in Queensland Australia, for crying out loud, where the closest thing to a moose is a freakishly large Clydesdale horse, Noddy, who is revered and exhibited around local shows.


So, until I move to Alaska I’ve decided to celebrate my oddly eccentric obsession by finding and sharing cool moose stuff. And so it begins. Your Monday Moose.

moose cushions hessian cushion red cushion rustic cushion grey cushion green cushion irish cusion black cushion



3 responses to “your monday moose

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  2. Funny! Love this moosey post! I don’t live near them either, but I understand they can hurt you and do some great damage to a car! Can’t wait for next Monday. 🙂

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