my day today – the BIG man

Well it is my day yesterday actually. It was a doozie.

I finished off my first ever sewing project. Having a chat with Big Buddy about it (and allowing him to heap the praise on it I was awaiting), I discovered he has sewed more than I have. Now if that’s not enough to make you question your motherly/housewifey/nesting ability, I don’t know what is.

It seems at his school in home economics they had to make a pair of shorts – I assume that included zippers, buttons, pleats etcetera. Lots of complicated sew-ey stuff.

At my school, being the hippy and at the same time strictly religious (yes you read that correctly – a story for another day) school that it was, in a small town where all our teachers were trained to teach physical education and not much else, we got to choose what to make. I chose a pillow case. Or a rectangle if you like. And I chose black. A black half-finished pillow case, made out of flexible material that they normally save for swim wear. Yep, I got to choose the material too. I chose swim wear material.

So I failed home ec and went on to play representative basketball and netball instead. And I never sewed again, until yesterday.

the santa sack material girl im a machine get sacked

I will make minor mention of the fact that it was a 40 degree day and my sewing machine is in the only non-air conditioned room. I think I lost 10 kilos – all of it sweat.

Much to my surprise though, it was a success! No unpicking necessary. And the best part is, Buddy has a santa sack made by his mum that he can keep and pass on to his kids – if the stitches last. I love tradition.

Then, in keeping with another tradition, we went to get Buddy’s first Santa photo. He was such a good boy. No tears, just taking it all in. He’s switched on that kid. No beard pulling. Just kind of wondering why there were 5 or so thirteen year old girls running around with reindeer teddy’s shaking it in his face and pretending it was tickling his belly.

Any teenagers out there? That’s the best Christmas gig ever – taking photos of kids on santa’s knee.the big manwaitin for the big man

Waiting in line. Another right of passage for most mums I imagine. I think I was forced to admire this ‘Luxe’ Christmas tree for sale for about an hour. I like baubles but not that much.

They almost had me convinced that I needed that ‘night before Christmas talking bear’. Sneaky. Among the other thoughts going through my head such as  ‘somebody rip that bears head off to shut it up’, ‘that’s one fancy bear to wear a scarf to the side’, and ‘where are all it’s other bear friends’, I wondered who thinks these things up?

Who decides, ‘yes, we will make a very soft Paddington Bear look-a-like, it needs to sing, it needs to have it’s head cocked to one side as it sings, and it needs to be hugging a tinier dissimilar and completely unrelated bear with a bow tie the size of its head’? Are there annoying Christmas bear designers? I want that job! I reckon I’d be great at it.baubles some more

It was worth it though. I’d love to show you the final photo but I think I’d be prosecuted or something like that.chillin

Then we hung out in the garden. Buddy inspected this piece of grass long and hard. These are the moments that make me glow inside. Watching him figure things out. Watching his personality develop. Getting to know him. the hills are alive sunsetThen with bushfires in the area, we admired a burning, rusty, rugged sunset in silence. This is how I feel when I sit with Buddy in the garden. Or when we take a swim. Or when I watch him quietly playing. Or when he’s having a tantrum. All the time. This is the glow. It sleeps when I sleep, but it will always be there, rising in the morning. No matter what, Buddy, it is there.

Cripes – I’m all soppy. Must be the Christmas spirits . . . I mean spirit.

So that was the day.

How was your day?

Does Christmas make you as soppy as me?


2 responses to “my day today – the BIG man

  1. awwww – nearly in tears here (but I know EXACTLY what you mean!!)

    some lovely photos here today – especially the sunset and the peek through at Santa. Thank you for not posting an hours worth of the deluxe tree 🙂

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