and we are back

Hello all and sundry!

Great to be online again. Although I won’t lie, lolling around in my pj’s on the lounge all day watching Australia’s summer of tennis and lining Lindt chocolate balls up on my chest ready for consumption like a sports team draft announcing their picks has been my idea of heaven. It is nice to start communicating with the outside world again though – the waist band on my pants are also thankful.

I hope you all had a wonderful fun-filled holiday. We sure did. Kicked off by a family get-together here on Christmas Eve. I was tense because this sort of get together had never happened before, we live close by but we never catch up all at once. We are a similar but vastly different group of people our family. To ease my tension, naturally, I asked Buddy to scrub the outside house walls and deck. I thought perhaps, the cleaner the place was the less chance of anything going wrong or being judged. And, bless him, he complied as much as he could with the flu.

I need not have worried, it was great. The cousins played, us siblings reminisced. And every one was happy – as far as I am aware. I’d rather live in blissful ignorance.

Then we had the best Christmas day ever.

With a stuffed santa sack, grandparents feigning excitement (very well I might add) over a cheetah/horse – a chorse – that scoots along and wiggles its tail; a keyboard that only plays five notes, very loudly, especially when one nappy covered buttock sits on it unawares for lengthy periods of time; and Duplo that is fun to bang on said keyboard. Plus much more.


A laden tree.happy Too much excitement. That’s the ‘Chorse’ in his lap.ribbon is funRibbon is fun. Much more fun than presents.

socks are funHe chose socks rather than any of the 100 toys he’d been given. teddyStill going strong after lunch at my sisters.

And having written this, I’ve realised I did not take a single photo of anyone other than Buddy on Christmas Day. Nevermind, it was all about him anyway.

And so begins my pondering about 2013 plans. I’m a bit slow on the uptake. And all the organised bloggy people I’ve been reading who have their resolutions and goals and do/don’ts all spelled out, colour coded, printed and filed alphabetically, and then pinned to a story board and photographed and posted to pinterest made me feel very behind on my homework for a millisecond.

Until I reminded myself that for me a new year is not a time for passing and failing, with goals and timelines and project plans due COB 01/01/2013. For me it’s about reflecting on what’s just gone, how my character changed or whether it did at all, whether my values have changed or not, what helped me grow and what hindered me, and what I want to take into the future.

I will ponder my stories of 2012, package them up into little bundles and contemplate them. So that I don’t ever forget:

  • the 10 days of overdue pregnancy willing labour to start only to quickly discover that’s not something you in your right mind wish for;
  • the moment a wet, slimy bundle of screaming joy was placed on my chest;
  • the moment I walked down my front path at midnight with a day old baby in my arms and I noticed a slight shift in every step, every leaf, every twig, every star and I knew I would never be the same person;
  • the day I (reluctantly) accepted help for probably the first time in my life;
  • moving into what I think is my forever home;
  • starting the humble farm I’ve longed for; and so many more moments.

I will dwell on moments so that I know what to take from them that is helpful and so I know how to recognise when unhelpful stories come to my mind again (and they will) and kick them to the curb.

There is more for me to contemplate about 2013, it’s just as important as 2012 and I don’t want to rush it.

In the meantime, I wanted to say hello! And happy New Year. I truly hope you are well and contented.


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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