bloggy things I have signed up for

I had a good long think about 2013. And then I thought I had thought too much. So I thought I’d just give a few blog challenge things a crack and if they fall by the wayside so be it.

There are some awesome challenges out there in blog world – try typing in ‘blog challenge’ or ‘photography challenge’ or ‘wordpress challenge’ in google.

I picked the ones that align most with the sorts of things I hope to achieve in 2013, mainly slowing down, noticing moments, letting life penetrate my skin and mind instead of rushing to get it done well – like a grade on a test – and looking back and not remembering a thing. But I won’t be too rigid about it, otherwise I’ve just picked up the old habits of deadlines and pressure and carried them over into blog world.

So I’ve decided to continue my capture the son series. A portrait a week of Buddy. Thanks Che and Fidel for the inspiration.52-250px

I also want to encourage mindfulness in my daily life so I’m going to try to capture a mindful moment a week, maybe a couple of moments, that require no words. That I notice. That I want to savour. That I want to remember forever. They may not always seem profound or make sense as a ‘moment’ to anyone but me. But I’m OK with that. That’s what life is about afterall, cumulative moments. If I don’t stop to observe they’ll become a blur.

Gasp! I’m also trying out 13/13.  One of my desires this year is to read more. And not magazines or the iPad either. The written word adds a lot of texture to life don’t you think? So I’ve signed up {insert nail biting here}. And my first book is . . .

grug two grug one grug three the garden two

Seriously it’s a Kate Morton book.the garden the garden two

As always I’ll try to do #fmsphotoaday to challenge my photography skills and because I enjoy it so much.

And I was going to give whole30 a go. But then I saw I’d have to give up, well, most foods. And when I laughed at the thought of me doing that I knew I wasn’t ready. Besides, I don’t want my body to go without dairy. I’ve seen too many osteoporosis sufferers.

So I made up my own rules. And being the follower that I am, I named it like all most people with a blog that come up with a challenge do.

It’s called ELIMINATE-SIX!! Cool right?

It’s meant to sound like eliminate-rix, and you were meant to have visions of the Terminator, and was meant to sound all, tadaaaaaa.  Did you dig it?

It’s just that I eat a lot of crap, and I know it. So each month for six months, I’m going to give up eating an unhealthy thing in excess. First chocolate in January, then sugary treats like cake and cookies and lollies for February, then cheese for March, then reduce red meat {so not every night} in April, then stop adding sugar during May, then I’m going to try to stop eating bread and pasta through June. And I’ll see how I feel in July.

So there you have it!

What have you signed up for this year in blog world?

Any suggestions?


3 responses to “bloggy things I have signed up for

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  2. What do you know! All sound things to pursue I reckon, whether or not you sign up for something formal or not. Thanks so much for the compliment! Love to recieve your comments. You’re a brave woman to do cold turkey – stronger than me that’s for sure 🙂 Let me know how you go.

  3. Well… I’m interested in all the same things it seems. Being mindful, slowing down, enjoying my littles, getting back into photography, good page turning,,, it will be a challenge whether I sign up for bloggy things or not! You inspire me to look into it! I’m doing elimination diet as well. Your plan sounds great as opposed to my cold turkey, lol!

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