road trippin to bribie

With a Grandma visiting it was a must to visit the beach with Buddy. Let her watch us fumble with sunscreen, rash vests, a hat, sunnies (that stayed on for approximately 3 seconds – that was $29,95 well spent right there) water, lunch and sea soaked nappies (that stayed on a bit less than 3 seconds).

It was a right of passage I suppose to go a bit over the top in preparation only to realise baby’s become naked fairly quickly at the beach out of necessity. I mean imagine if you had sand up your butt and you couldn’t do anything about it. Naked is easier much of the time.

So Buddy played in the water in his rashie gear. Tried to eat some pippies. Ate a load of sand which I’m still seeing which is nice. While I grabbed him anxiously each time a wave came, stood in the suns path, and generally worried about whether I was forgetting something.

But for a moment I took a few breaths and remembered how many young children have played on the waters edge of Australian beaches with their parents and lived to tell the tale. I realised, there were three of us, it was very unlikely he was going to get washed away and even more unlikely he would get burnt since I used half a can of sunscreen. And my mind relaxed, my muscles relaxed and I enjoyed myself.

I had a surf for the first time in 5 years. I could tell my soul had missed it. It nourishes my body and lightens my mind, each inch of my skin and each hair on my head feels like it could float away after a swim in the sea. The serene power and cleansing coming and going of the waves mimic my breath and calm me. A big strong baddy of a wave comes flying at me and engulfs me and then there’ll be some little pleasant ones – I use them to recover and prepare for the baddies. It was a mediocre sea so there weren’t too many baddies yesterday.

But I must have changed because I used to see the baddy waves as an exhausting pain in the bum part of swimming in the sea. Now I just notice them as a part of all the fun. Yep I’ve definitely changed if I’m noticing my ocean in the same way as I notice my emotions.

Getting a bit too abstract and deep and meaningful here . . .

Here’s some pictures. Damn instagram had a spack so they all turned out miniature. What better excuse to create a collage. Bottom right was my view while feeding Buddy – pretty awesome.

road trip



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