wooden toys from the good old days

You know that I love traditional wooden kids toys right.

Well I hit the bonza this Christmas by finding ELC. It’s where all the teachers find their toys and craft supplies.

So Buddy’s big Christmas gifts from Mum and Dad were ordered with a promise to arrive before Christmas – and I’m posting about them now. So, you can read into that their delivery processes need work. But Santa was good to Buddy so they were worth the wait.

wagon assembly looks simple enough remember this arrangement It pays to remember this pattern so you can put all the blocks away. It’s like a shape puzzle for adults.tadaaa They are beautiful. Solid. And quality.

I suspect at the moment I appreciate their beauty more than Buddy as he likes to take the blocks from the wagon and bash the learning box.the block and again Also, I am the only one to have played with the xylophone side so far. It could be because no one is allowed to play it unless I take the stick out for them and supervise the fun-having.still more in case you doubted its a block skyline

He loves the beads and the numbers game. And has only got his fingers stuck between numbers twice.the block again I love these toys.

Meanwhile my favourite of his toys is the inch worm from Biome. I like it because it doesn’t sing or glow or make whizzing noises. It just inches as you pull it along. Slow and steady. And I like it because I spend a lot of time wondering what an inch worm actually is, whether they are in fact an inch long, and what noise they make.

my inch worm does an inch worm say inchYep so those are Buddy’s latest toy acquisitions.

Despite them loosing our kids Christmas present, I will use ELC again because their products and range are so awesome.


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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