52 weeks of grateful ~ space

03 moonscape space 03 moonscapeSpace. I didn’t realise how much I had been longing for it until I had it. It adds depth and calm to my life.

While on this occasion I am referring to physical, lanscapetual (yes that’s a made up word) and rolling hills space. I am grateful for space of my mind too. I can hear my brother saying now ‘what, as in, like, vacant bwaaaah ha ha ha ha’. No not as in vacant. As in, unburdened and free to process important things – Buddy’s goos, birds whistling, waterfalls, what I want to be reflecting on when I’m 80, birthdays, catching up with friends and family, values based living. Rather than, deadlines, interviews, hierarchy, climbing the ladder,money, tiffs, anger, stress, worry, he said she said.

Space allows me freedom to take some breaths. To connect with myself. To reflect. To admire the simple things in life. To stay grounded.

Thank you space. And thank you to the path the brought me to this space.


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