your monday moose

Well it’s better late than never. And after the day I had yesterday you’d understand. Here are some shorthand points: exhausted; visited family only to be ushered out the door; Buddy decided he didn’t want to sleep in the car anymore; was late feeding him because I was a bit shy (this and this could have something to do with it – more on that later if I can process my rage sufficiently to write about it) and he wasn’t happy about that; loud and obvious altercation with a Coles self serve check out chick who kept me waiting while she chatted to her friend then lied to her manager about my complaint; and dented car while busily avoiding squashing puppy only to hit a pole on the other side.

Arrgh – motherhood. Sometimes it sucks. But not all the time.

So I’ve decided to go with faux moose heads today. I would love to have most of these on my walls. How geographically confusing for visitors would that be? Green. Hot. Tropical. Queensland. Australia. With moose heads as decor. It’s just so crazy it might work?

head abstract wooden I absolutely love this one. It’s only $112 AUD. I’ll have to save up.head little wooden head metal head wooden
There’s also a good blue one (yes I said blue). It’s resin. At polyvore, but they wouldn’t let me save the picture.



2 responses to “your monday moose

    • Hi there Kat,

      You’re so welcome. And I loved reading your post about it. You wouldn’t believe how many things we have in common. Great idea to make it optional for your nominees to elect to respond. I’m off to read up on Haiku!


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