12 cool blogs starting with ‘A’

I follow a lot of blogs.  It leads to a few sleepless nights. Which is part of the reason I have (read: I will shortly, when I can get around to it possibly maybe) instituted a no iPad in bed policy – my eyes were turning square.

But I realised the best way I find new cool blogs is from other people. So I’m going to alphabetically share those that I have in my reader with you. You can take or leave them. Or you may discover some hidden beauties you didn’t know about. Man, there are some talented, innovative, creative people out there in the blogging community.

They’re all great for different reasons.

starting with A

a beautiful mess

a cup of jo

absolute amy

adore magazine

AJ’s antics

alexandra wrote


ashley oostdyck

ashley quite frankly

at the picket fence

august empress

awesomely awake


Have fun exploring.

Have you got any recommendations?

Leave links in the comments – I love finding new blogs.




2 responses to “12 cool blogs starting with ‘A’

  1. wow you follow 12 beginning with A? You must follow a LOT Of blogs!! Will try to go investigate as many as I can…you are a bad influence on me getting no housework done!! 😀

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