52 weeks of grateful ~ hairdressers

I am grateful for hairdressers. I’m grateful for hairdressers that don’t laugh when you say “I wanna look like this”.

hair aimImage source

And not just any hairdressers. The ones that recognise if you’re a ‘come in sit down cut my hair no chatter’ kind of person or a ‘this is my first outing without a baby stuck to me or in my belly for 2 years and I don’t care if you paint my hair in a rainbow mowhawk or if you want to tell me aaaall about your boyfriend who steals from you and treats you like crap – just make it last 3 hours’ kind of person. They recognise it then they deliver.

I am grateful for head massages when they put the stuff on your head.

I am grateful for the trainee who offers to give you a free make over. *

I am grateful for the lift it gives my inner self.

I’m grateful for Big Buddy not asking how much it costs or having a heart attack when the credit card statement arrives.

I’m grateful that I can indulge infrequently in this luxury type of hairdressing appointment. For, I deserve it, once in a blue moon. Heck, all mum’s deserve it.

07 hairdressers

* – never ever, even if you are over the moon to engage in conversation that does not involve “gig gig, boo boo, mumumumum or dadadada'”s for the first time in a while and hope to end up looking like Drew Barrymore’s twin sister in 3 hours time, never ever say yes to a complimentary make over from a trainee unless you are armed with about 500 ways to say ‘no thank you’ when asked if you would like to purchase the 300 products they test on your face and the 299 tools they use to apply it. Say up one final biggie for when they offer you a package of products for a reduced price.


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