your monday moose

Oh my gosh. Somebody stop me! There are too many awesome moose necklaces out there.  Here’s a handful, er, a bunch, er, ok here’s a heap of them.


moose necklacesnecklace antique antlers necklace antique necklace antlers only necklace copper necklace dark wood necklace flat necklace flatter necklace neat necklace outline necklace realistic necklace rustic necklace shiney necklace sideways glance necklace square necklace swing necklace U necklace wooden neclace 3d neclace ballsy

Oh and um, this one.

necklace ewwww

And yes, it is what you think it is.




2 responses to “your monday moose

  1. Oh wow! Thanks so much Christina. It’s lovely to think that you enjoy my blog so much. I am very grateful that you chose me to pass the super sweet award on to. What a sweet idea.

  2. Hi there! I just stopped by to tell you that I’m passing on the Super Sweet Blogging Award to you! If you don’t accept awards, that’s ok. Just know I think your blog is a real treat. I mean, where else I can find such sweet moose/s/meese…? Happy Day!

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