4 awesome kids books

I really believe in the need for kids to enjoy books. It encourages creativity. It can help them enjoy learning. But I’m hoping also it will spark Buddy’s imagination early on so it never fades.

So, Buddy gets a bedtime story every night and has done since he was 3 months old. When we had no books for him I considered pulling out my anatomy texts thinking “he won’t know the difference and as a bonus I can review at the same time”. Then I contemplated the potential for cadavers in pictures to stick in his mind and thought better of it – top parenting right.

Until we could build up his collection we read ‘the little red hen” soooo many times just seeing the cover of it makes me gag. Now though, he has tonnes. And I have my favourites. Funnily enough the ones that he likes are the ones that spark my imagination too, which I thought had long been replaced with logic, bills, responsibility and adulthood.

It takes skill to write a good kids book I reckon. And here’s some of our current favourites.

favourites where is that green sheep the wide sheep There’s so much good about this one – including that she calls the, ummm, heftier sheep ‘wide’.flossie flossie loves snails

This is Buddy’s favourite. Flossie that cats eyes mesmerise him. He spends ages taking in every inch of each illustration.Harry dirty harry

These illustrations are awesomely old school.hairy maclary muffin maclayAnd good old Hairy Maclary and his friends, including Muffin Maclay, like a bundle of hay.

I often watch Buddy as Big Buddy reads to him and his eyes dart around the pages taking it all in. I can see already we are creating a positive habit for him. Reading is such an easy thing to do with kids but rewarding on so many  levels I reckon.

Do you have any other good ones to recommend?


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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