finding the perfect mug (coffee mug)

I have scoured the shops looking for my perfect mug for ages.

I call them mugs because it sounds more cosey to me (there’s a glimpse into my eccentricities you’ll learn to love right there).

‘Mugs’ sounds like I am sitting in front of a fire on a tweed covered country road couch with a hand me down cashmere blankie listening to Joshua Radin play me tunes and Zach Braff discuss something deep and meaningful in a hilarious way (as he is want to do) while I carress a warm cup of something delicious in my hand and let the steam and warmth defrost my nose, which is chilly because we have all just come in from the snow in the Victorian alpine country where my holiday house resides and I keep my horses who are frequently visited by wild brumbies whom I also often admire from the window whilst holding my warm mug of something delicious.  Tad too much dreaming there, sure, but see how the mug is so integral!

I believe the right mug makes a beverage more enjoyable. It’s like the set design of a movie.  Think about whether Memoirs of a Giesha would’ve been so breathtaking if it had been shot with cheap-ass fake snow from Biq W instead of in California and Kyoto. If you’re happy about your mug then you’ll more happily savour and enjoy your beverage. It’ll be an experience rather than a ‘hit’.

For months I have looked in specialty shops, Myer, DJs, ready to spend a little more than any person should on a mug if it was the right one – not too small, thick porcelin, natural palette, maybe a leaf print or two, not too girlie, nor too manly and not bold prints (been there done that).

And lo and behold, I was running (read shuffling with screaming baby on hip who had to be fed right then and there or he would make my life hell) through Target and I found them. So after dealing with the screamer, I went back and collected these beauts.

birdie matchie matchie I think these were around $4.ceramic dark

And this pack of 4 were around $12 from memory.gently does it delicious agggghhh

Ahhhhh.They made my day and my cup of weak, decaf, tea with milo (yes – see earlier post) super delicious.down to work

So the moral to the story? Fair question.

Don’t underestimate the cheapies. They can do the job AND be pretty at the same time.

So on a scale of 1 to ten – how eccentric do you think I am?

Or, are you a mug addict too?


One response to “finding the perfect mug (coffee mug)

  1. Yeah, I have a “mug” issue, too. Lol! Love your dream though! The couch, the blanket… Although I’m not sure what wild bumbies are… Lol. Sweet mugs!

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