this stuff tickled my fancy

01Yay for autumn arriving. Anyone with curly hair knows what I’m talkin ’bout.

Here’s some things I found while puddling around . . .

Everything you need to know about baking.

The whole lot of awesome Christina Lowry is one talented lady. I would like all of her necklaces please and an inch of her crafty talent.

There is a trek happening in Brisbane/the sunshine coast which I think I might sign up for. It’s 22km . . . . sorry just had to pick self off the floor. But you can do half if you want to (I think I just made that up) and they give you a bbq and a t-shirt. But the best part is it raises funds for an awesome charity much-needed in Brisbane for mums and dads.

This cat is funny.

A new take on bunting that tickled my fancy.

Enjoy your weekend. Happy days!


3 responses to “this stuff tickled my fancy

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  2. Aw, thanks for including me in your list! You’ll love crochet once you have learnt how. I found it much easier than knitting, as there is only one loop to deal with. Have you seen the tutorials on Meet Me at Mike’s blog? Might help you get started. Good luck if you join in the trek. It sounds like a wonderful charity and a great adventure. 🙂

    • You’re very welcome! Yep have tried Meet Me at Mike’s tutorials but they are even a bit too advanced so instead I’m watching the videos from the Crochet Club – so watch this space. If I forget that it’s 22km I’m pretty excited about the trek 🙂

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