52 weeks of grateful ~ life, even if it is mundane

It’s true that right now while I breathe rhythmically and fast as I contemplate my to do list and yell at the dogs, someone somewhere in this world is taking their last.

I am guilty of taking life for granted. So today I would like to pause and be grateful for it.

12 life

So much tragedy and so much hurt and damage and worry in this world. You only have to watch the news once and you’ll see it. I realise that a young mum, doing her 50th load of laundry, having a whale of a time baking muffins and finger painting and dancing a jigg with her little’n isn’t newsworthy. A loving hand on your shoulder when you’ve had a tough day is equally un-newsworthy. Waking each morning to another day or work or playschool or play dates or grocery shopping or whingeing is less than newsworthy too, in fact, it’s mostly mundane. But it’s worthy of gratefulness.

Having seen a precious young life at risk this week. I remind myself how grateful I am for not having to fight for life, for having that next breath come naturally without having to try.

For having loved ones around me and as part of my ‘village’, even if it is mostly a dysfunctional village.

For life.

For having made it this far, to be 30 (ish).

For waking each day.

For waking and taking a deep breath each day.

For my young one and loved ones waking each day and taking a rhythmical natural breath.

For life.

I’m linking up with Maxabella Loves for 52 weeks of grateful.


7 responses to “52 weeks of grateful ~ life, even if it is mundane

  1. I think somewhere along the way we all decided that life had to be BIG in order to be extraordinary. I think we got it the wrong way around. x

    • Thanks Nat. Oh dear, I hope all is ok with you and yours. Yes sometimes stopping to say thank you is so important. Such a small thing to do but it makes a huge difference to your day don’t you think.

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