a sorry and a nomination

Well hello! Remember me? I’m the person that used to write stuff here and post cool pictures and stuff to buy or window shop and random musings. No? I understand. I have been AWOL for some time. It is however because our bathroom has been lucky enough to be fielding a family with gastro, eeergh. To much info? Oh well, you’ll survive.

How about a quick and completely unrelated segway.

Village Voices

I am so excited to have been nominated and, even better, featured as one of Australia’s best blogs! Go to kidspot to check out the nominees. And scroll down. Down further, further still, a bit more, one more scroll . . . to find me. The winners will be announced in April.

To people who nominated me, I seriously cannot express my thanks enough, given that this blog is a bit of a fluke and I started it to help me feel better and to try to help others that might need to feel better too. I love the camaraderie of this blogging world and hope that I am contributing to your world in some positive way.

If you want to check out some VIP and hall-of-famer Australian blogs, they are here. I already follow most because they are pretty awesome.

Happy days.


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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