52 weeks of grateful ~ believers

Solitary Oak Tree At Sunset
Solitary Oak
I have flaws (please contain you’re shock). Everyone does. But I grew up trying desperately to hide them. Until I was dealt a hand I couldn’t play, a riddle I couldn’t solve and my world came crashing down around my ears. In hindsight, I expected too much of myself, too much immediate success, too much problem solving, too much inert ability to overcome any stumbles. I expected to be able to work my guts out to get through it or prevent any visible flaws as I normally do.

I expected an easy route. A breeze if you will. A cruise control automatic with air conditioning, 4 wheel alloys, auto seat recline, integrated fog lights, a power slide moon roof, bluetooth connectors, auto lift gate with jam protection, keyless entry and auto power down when left unattended situation.


SOURCE: justcommodores.com.au

And I was dealt a 1979 holden commodore sedan, in snot green colour that needs to be parked on a hill to jump start, that every now and then stalls at the lights and causes a traffic jam that makes the news, that will accommodate an 8 point turn and a simultaneous shoulder dislocation, that requires a new bottle of oil for each journey, that only has 3 usable gears out of 4, and veers left if you let go of the steering wheel type situation. An unsolvable, unfixable, hold on for the ride situation.

When I couldn’t deliver I crumbled like a cookie. It was other people who picked me up, dusted me off, and put me back together. Mostly people I didn’t expect it from too, vague acquaintances, family members that have sort of come and go in the past, strangers . . . people in the same boat that didn’t know me from a bar of soap (hey that rhymes!). They believed in me when I couldn’t possibly.

And they still are actively believing in me. Right now they are sitting somewhere. And if I come to their mind, they believe in me. If I’m in crisis or not, daydreaming or not, shooting for the stars or not. They believe in me.
I am so deeply grateful for the believers.

I’m linking up with Maxabella Loves for 52 weeks of grateful.


4 responses to “52 weeks of grateful ~ believers

    • Oh Elisa what a wonderful compliment, thank you. You are so right, it’s like a light bulb that goes on for me at times. And it all revolves around that word faith – it makes the world go round I think. I think I lost mine somewhere along the way, but I’m finding it again, little bits at a time, in the darndest places 🙂

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