strange things mothers will do – car seat butt wiggling

So, right now I am sitting in my car, with Buddy asleep in his upright car seat and his head at an angle I’m sure will render him the next famous hunchback later in life.

The air conditioning is on but set to warm so the car climate is crisp but not too cold.

The radio is on volume two so he can hear a murmur but nothing more.

And did I mention we are parked with the engine running in the carport because he fell asleep five minutes before we arrived home?

car seatHe is starting to stir. He’s only been asleep half an hour.

Naturally, I am sitting in the drivers seat . . . in our stationary car . . . wiggling my behind from side to side.

Why? I hear you ask. Fair question.

It was a choice between that and driving up and down our street to simulate the motion of being on the road. And I’m too buggered to drive at 20km/hr and wave to neighbours for the next half hour.

Yes, I realise I am wasting petrol. No, the earth is not more important right now than it is for this baby to sleep longer than half an hour.

As I wiggle my ample behind from side to side and admire how little assistance my behind requires to make a car shake, I am amused by how many weird things I’ve done in the quest to appease Buddy.

And I’m sure it’s just the beginning – cripes I hope Justin Beiber is not cool when he hits ten.

Have you done anything that others might consider less than normal to appease your little one?


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