52 weeks of grateful ~ the haters and the hurters

I had my first troll message yesterday. They said my blog was crap, that they were sorry they’d clicked over to it, it and I was a waste of space and I had nothing of value to say . . . ever.

Now, I don’t know much about anything, including the typical reaction one would have to these ‘troll’ people. I expect I should’ve been mortified, shocked, irate, wounded. Heck, my younger self would’ve gone to bed and sobbed under the doona for a few days coming up only for sara lee chocolate fudge ice cream.

In reality though, I cracked up. Indulged myself in a big HAW HAW HE HE belly laugh. Had the sudden urge to go ‘prrrrrft-bwahahahaha’ to the extent that there may have been spit droplets that hit my screen.

As I wiped the spit from my laptop, I pondered how I had evolved to the extent that all of a sudden I don’t give a crap what haters think. Was I reading the message past wine-time (even if wine time means a sip of Big Buddy’s beer) – nope, 3pm. Had my mindfulness practice enabled me to reach enlightenment {picture me checking behind me and under my arm pits} – nope, hair frazzled and mind running rampant, still mindless. Had I reached a new level of maturity commensurate with my age – nope, novelty slippers on and still enjoying watching playschool.

I’ve absorbed my fair share of negativity in my life so far – things said in passing without a second thought for feelings, dates on the calendar gone repeatedly unnoticed, milestones uncelebrated or forgotten, names hurled, insults levelled, rejections delivered, hairs yanked, views criticised. I have mostly let every little sentence, every word penetrate my skin, my muscles, my nervous system, my mind and soul. Sadly, I’ve let the words fill valuable space in my brain where fond memories should gently rest. Let them nudge my character ever so gently each time, but cumulatively.

The thing I’ve come to realise is they are just words. Lots of letters joined together in a random arrangement. They might enter my ear drum but they need not enter my mind. This troll thinks I have nothing valuable to say, I don’t agree. It’s funny because, in fact it appears what they say has no value. And out of the probably millions of people they could’ve targeted, they chose one who thinks they are funny.

So, oddly, I am grateful for the haters and the hurters that have come and gone. I have drawn from you to make me a stronger, a more robust character. You’ve given me grit, and fight, and endless depths of compassion and love for others. You’ve propelled me along pathways that add value to my life and help others. You’ve roared me down but I’ve rebuilt ten fold and continued on my path of love.

More love. Always.

16 hurters

I’m linking up with Maxabella Loves for 52 weeks of grateful.


4 responses to “52 weeks of grateful ~ the haters and the hurters

  1. Woah! No. 1, who even does that! No.2, I would now react how you used to AND No. 3, GO YOU!! Be brave and true. X

    • Thanks so much Leah, nice of you to stop and by and lend me your support. Brave and true – what a wonderfully succinct motto, I’m loving it.

  2. Oh Christina you wonderful soul. That’s the most lovely message. I am so pleased you get something out of my blog, that’s the best news I’ve heard in ages. I will keep posting for me and for you and any others like us out there. I think mundane and simple is special in this day and age, but it’s ok if sometimes, just for a millisecond, we think otherwise – we are human afterall. We are human and we are mothers at the same time – a difficult balance to strike. But we’ll get there. Hope your week has been alright! Gin.

  3. You know, on one hand I am sorry you have received such stinging criticism because I find you/your words/blog very sweet, funny, charming, uplifting, and above all comforting that I’m not going mad in my attempts at raising great kids and surviving the sometimes chaotic and often mundane days that make up my simple life. On the other hand, I’m really grateful that you were so prompted to write this post, as I really needed to hear it. I like your perspective of not allowing the trolls to take up valuable space in your brain! On to better things without looking back. xo

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