6 cool blogs starting with ‘H’

Apparently the only cool blog starting with ‘G’ is one righteous chick over at Gin plus TonicHeard of it?

Nah, I really only know one starting with ‘G’ here’s a bumper list.

starting with G

georgica pond. mother, stylist (and a mighty fine one), crafter and decorator.

starting with H

hollywould. a nashville designer with an eye for cool stuff. she adds a bit of pizzaz to my reader.

hollywouldifshecould. a book-loving, crossfitting, paleo cooking, adventurer. she’s frank and fearless an entertaining.

handmade charlotte. name says it all really.

hither and thither. cool name huh? blogs even cooler, trust me.

hugo & elsa. this is one of those blogs that are so rich with goodness and earthy texture you can just stick you hands in it and squeeeeze. I like this one a lot. oh and it’s tasmanian (nuff said).

house of humble. just love it. rueben and katie forgeing a simpler life with all honesty.


Have you got any recommendations?

Leave links in the comments – I love finding new blogs.


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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