vices will get you through life

Some women have shoes, some fake tan, some diamonds, some pots ‘n pans.

For some it’s cushions, others it’s coffee, some crave malls and for others it’s choccie.

My vice?

Novelty pyjamas.


I really think that to get through everyday tough times you need something, not always someone, to fall back on. Life’s too short not to have one type of sigh inducing crutch. Something you know will provide you some instant comfortable goodness.

Yes, sure it would be great if my vice was jogging. It’s not. Or lettuce. Also – not.

I have three – my mocha/milo/decaf tea’s (or coffee when I’m on caffeine), cheese(es), and novelty pyjamas. I have cow pyjamas and circus pyjamas, elephants, birds and puppy dogs – you name it, I have pyjamas in that theme. When my will power decides to come to the table (or fridge if you will), I ditch cheeses and allow myself two vices.

My mentor might say that if I take a moment to be mindful I will notice that these food choices or purchases are cravings fueled by an extenuating and transient emotion. And that the emotion will come and go as all emotions do. That it would be good to take some time for myself to observe how the emotion moves through my body, where it lands in my body, make room for it, observe whether it has a shape, a colour, a theme, whether it’s edges are smooth or jagged. And notice it subside as quickly as it came.

And when I’m half way through my mocha decaf tea, I agree.

What’s your vice(s)?


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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