this stuff tickled my fancy

03I kid you not. This gigantic hairy spider has travelled with my on my car for the past two weeks. It’s been to the sunshine coast and the gold coast. To the eastern suburbs and the darling downs central west, to the city and to westfield a few times.

Sometimes it would run across my windscreen and, after I started my heart again, I would speed up in the hope that the wind force would blow him off. Do you think I ever thought of turning on the wipers – NO.

03moreHe particularly liked to plant himself on the passenger side from which I extract Buddy from the car. And the boot from which I would need to extract the pram.

We got to know each other and ended up being quite cordial, Douglas and I. Douglas would step to the side of the boot so that I could get the pram out, and in return I would not take the car through the car wash.

But in the end he got me.

It was pouring rain, at westfield, I was without food and water and with crying baby. I knew he was loitering as he’d done the windscreen run before we stopped. But my fatigue failed me and I grabbed the door handle without thinking, to be met with clingy, yucky, furriness.

Screams and bouncing up and down followed to the mild amusement of kmart employees having a smoke and Douglas ended up on the ground. We said our goodbyes, he apologised for scaring me and I showed him some nice trees and plants to head for.

I left him there and when we returned he was gone, off to a better life in the gum trees . . . or so I hope.

And on a completely unrelated note, here’s some things I found while puddling around . . .

Perfectly timed for the replay of my favourite Gatsby movie version on TV the other night, Red Bubble has compiled a Gatsby themed list. It includes this awesome print of a water plane in Rose Bay.

Loved this Etsy Treasury of pure peachiness. By the way, can someone please explain to me what an Etsy ‘Treasury’ is – I don’t get it but they’re awesome.

Finally someone can give me some numbers to aim for when I read the lables in supermarkets. Up until now I’ve been doing the whole ‘they say I should read labels to be an informed consumer, okedokey then . . . 50g of sugar per 100g, well that’s a 50/50 chance it’s healthy . . . good find Gin!”.

I can’t wait for these bar classes to come to little old Queensland. It brings out the former dancer in me. I like to think it I could’ve been a ballerina. Of course there are no balls (sports balls) and you can’t tackle anyone in ballet so it wouldn’t have worked out.

These tonal arrangements are so pleasing to the eye and taught me a thing or two about decorating.

Oh and the sustainability fair is on in Brisbane this weekend which looks like good wholesome fun.

Enjoy your weekend. Happy days!


2 responses to “this stuff tickled my fancy

  1. OMG, you are a MUCH braver woman than me. I almost crashed the car on the freeway once when a huntsman ran across the outside of the windscreen. If he had been on the inside, we would all have been toast!!

    Thanks for the link to the country style ‘tonal’ pages. I really love that style. x

    • You are welcome!

      Gaargh – why do they only strike when we are on the road. Ghastly creepy crawlies. I did swerve momuntarily, lucky I was on a country road 🙂

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