country clothes wish list

I’ve been slopping around in my maternity gear for way too long. Let’s just say it – I don’t fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes yet. I’m a work in progress, and I’m OK with that. I wouldn’t want to anyway, too much business attire and too little character.

The neighbours see me all too often hiking my maternity draws up and feeding cattle in bare feet. Enough is enough.

So I did a little e-window shopping. Here’s some little lovelies that are good for weekend outings, fairs and for tending cattle.  Alright maybe a tad too ‘good’ for tending cattle.

farm clothes wishing


I do this all the time, clothes for good and clothes for getting grubby. All too often though they ALL become clothes for good. I gotto live a little! Life is too short not to wear what you want to wear.

Do you have clothes for good?


One response to “country clothes wish list

  1. Hey there! Thanks for checking on me. I guess you can say I needed a little blogging break while I have been fairly overwhelmed with grandparent issues, trying to end our school year, surviving a horrible cold/virus thing that still has me coughing, and looking at all the domestic chores waiting for my attention. I haven’t even been reading my regular blogs with the exception of yours. In fact, I had fun showing my son and hubby your furry little spider friend. And I’ve been meaning to comment that that is probably the one thing that might keep me from visiting your beautiful continent. I’ve heard about those Goliath tarantulas… They would shave years off my life, I’m sure of it. And I love these fab clothes you’ve window-shopped. When I do ever buy something for myself for “good” it usually ends up in the “oh, whatever” side of the closet with mud, chocolate, or some sort of child related stain on it. I wish i had cattle. And a brownie… Keep posting and have a great day! xo

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