libraries are cool now in case you didn’t know

Do you remember when it was daggy to go to the library? It was around the time when CDs and tape decks were popular and all the books (all 100 of them that hadn’t been destroyed or stolen) were old and musty with a light covering of mildew. The carpets were a lovely shade of baby poo brown. And the smell when you walked in . . . oh the smell. Like you were walking into a long-lost underwater world.

Well maybe it’s just my end of the world, but it appears most Queensland libraries have undergone a major revamp.

Most are in new buildings and have tonnes of fancy technology that’s even out of my depth (like, ummm, play station – is that a thing?), computers with learning programs for kids, games, toys, colouring tables with pencils (yes, real sharpened pencils in colours other than brown) and pictures to colour, a toy library and BOOKS – tonnes and tonnes of kids books for all levels. They even have well stocked adults literature.

what do you mean you cant eat pencilsThe best part is, they have story or song times that you can take your kids to. I take Buddy as often as I can. He bops along to the singing and pokes other kids much to my chagrin. It’s a great chance for him to socialise in a new environment and he always takes to someone different and follows them around trying to get them to play with him (sigh). Some you even go in the evening and the kids wear their PJs.

Last week he met a little girl. She come over to him. And put a bucket on her head. He looked at me. I looked at him and shrugged. He looked at the bucket. And so began his life long confusion about what women want.

the girl at the libraryI highly recommend finding out what the libraries in your council area offer, you might be pleasantly surprised.


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